Faymie Link

Faymie Link is a professional choreographer and dance teacher who has a formal dance
training in all styles of dance. She is currently the choreographer for multiple high
school, college, NFL, and all-star teams through TRIBE 99 Choreo-Connect. This work
has earned her 9 National Titles and a Worlds Title for Team USA Pom in 2022. This
includes back to back titles at UDA NDTC in the Medium Pom Division, a national title
in the D1A College Pom division at NDA, back to back to back titles at UDA College
Nationals in the Open Game Day Division, a national championship at UDA College
Nationals in the Open Pom category, a National Championship in D1 Team Performance
at NDA College Nationals as well as a Innovative Choreography Award, and another
National Title in the Open All Star Pom division at DTU Nationals. Faymie has also
taken home numerous top 5 finishes at UDA High School and College Nationals, as well
as many state and regional titles.
Faymie is a former NFL Cheerleader for the Super Bowl 50 Champions – The Denver
Broncos. She was a four-year member and team captain of the nationally ranked
University of Tennessee Dance Team and an instructor and judge for Universal Dance
Association for 5 years. Her passion for teaching and coaching led her to her position as
the coach for the Nationally ranked Cherry Creek High School Poms Team in 2016, and
a dance teacher at multiple studios in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Tennessee,
where she has received numerous studio choreography awards. Her love of dance has
stuck with her through 27 years of experience and she can’t wait to share her passion
with more dancers from around the country.